Wild Words of Welcome

And so it begins. My journey into the world of self-employment and living the life of a freelance storyteller. I don’t know where to begin. Once upon a time? It was the best of times? Call me Ishmael?

No. I’m not Ishmael, I’m Dan so it’s probably best to start with something that sums me up. Something that can reflect what I’m searching for and what my storytelling is trying to achieve.

On a recent trip to Glenelg, tucked behind Skye on the West Coast of Scotland, I discovered a poem. A poem told from the point of view of looking across to the small Isle of Soay from the top of Bla Bheinn (Blaven). The poem struck a chord for all its visual delights. So I recorded it and here it is. Soay

My work seeks the stories and metaphors that lurk within the landscape and this new direction I’m taking will hopefully uncover more hidden poetic gems like this. Follow me on twitter where I’ll share a poetic #wildwednesday every week.


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