Brave the Elements

At the end of January I designed and delivered one of the most exciting primary school projects that I have had the fortune to lead. Brave the Elements was a ten day storytelling, visual art, outdoor learning, pupil-led play and literacy attainment raising programme at Cardonald Primary School. We faced all sorts if weather whilst perched on top of a surprise hill on the south side of Glasgow. Battered by rain, hail, snow, sleet, wind and the a very small slice of sunshine, every pupil in the school explored the four classical elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Weaving mythology from Greek, Norse and Native American culture we tried to sore like Icarus, burn like Surtr, control the waves like Poseidon and build the world on a turtles back. Here’s some photos to prove we truly did Brave the Elements.


Click here and scroll to find out more about the project and read some teacher testimonies.


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